The Daily Life Magazine is an online LITTLE magazine about Everyday Life – chronicling the ordinary moments, spaces, and habits in anybody’s life. The magazine was founded with the idea of bringing together essays and various other forms of literary pieces written by a team of staff editor, writers, and contributors (writing and illustrations), observing the everydayness that is not exotic, heroic, political, or problematic and yet surprisingly fascinating when retold. The daily life magazine is committed to maintaining quality in its content and moving its readers with every creative piece.

Essays & Writings

Essays & Writings bring together pieces that capture the many thoughts and conversations that get lost in the drama of life’s significant and more consequential events. This section includes essays that recreate the moments from everyday life in the form of scenes or settings similar to those in books, movies, or plays.

Design Lab

Design Lab is conceptualized as a platform for showcasing collaborative and participatory projects that uphold community engagement through art and creativity. The Project Design Lab is grounded in the belief that each community has an everyday story to tell that shapes its culture and builds a community. The section publishes case studies about projects that use artistic or other innovative methods of community engagement that evoke a participatory experience, generating awareness and capacity building surrounding the issue in focus.

Art & More

Art & More focuses on the backstories of the creative processes. First, the pieces in this section try to identify creativity in most objects around us. Second, they explore the inner thoughts and emotions that shape creativity and their spaces and are also dependent upon the immediate surroundings where artists grow their roots to draw nourishment and flourish. The topics cover features and elements of these creative environments that are hardly observable but manifest in the outcome of the creation.

Young Writers

Young Writers section includes writings by talented young writers who also write, among other things. They see the world from perspectives of newness by virtue of their relatively recent entry into the existing scheme of things. Their essays handle the same spaces, times, and people from daily life with sensibilities unique to a particular age group and showcase the everyday world through their eyes.